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May 28 2014

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You can help us find and remove illegal and commercial content with just one click!

Below every post, next to repost and react, there is a little flag icon. Click it, and you can choose to mark the post as either spam, nsfw (not safe for work) or illegal.
  • Spam is any content that is obviously used for link building/page rank sculpting, is of commercial nature and has no value beyond generating trends on google or flat out advertising a product or linking to another website.
    An artists personal etsy page however would be perfectly alright, so use some common sense.
  • NSFW is any content that you deem not safe for work, i.e. where you have the impulse to close your browser when opening soup at work.
    We will learn from this from you, and in a few weeks, we'll have better guidelines for that than we have now :)
  • Illegal is any content that is illegal (as opposed to "offensive") according to austrian law. Basically, this means child pornography, bestiality, calls for violence, calls for re-introduction of Nazi rule etc.
    We will honor requests for removing content that involves personal information, leaked selfies, copyright issues etc, but you need to mail team@soup.io for that. This is done on a good faith and case-by-case basis. Pressing the illegal button will only disqualify you from reporting other instances of illegal material.

Since we manually review all reports of any kind, we do not take kindly to abuse, and will react with appropriate measures, such as shadowbanning or account removal.
Also note that SEOs can not use this to remove their old spam. We take a fee of 150EUR per SEO spam blog removal, please contact team@soup.io for further information.
The new flag icon on the left side on a soup is used to identify the blog itself - which means the description, title, css or background. Do not use this for example to report a single post or generally spammy posts in a soup - in that case, report single posts.
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November 14 2013

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